Lux Luca Showcase 2016

cc-de-markten-lennert-deprettereCC De Markten Brussels © Lennert Deprettere


academic-opening-elke-van-oostAcademic opening © Elke Van Oost


LUCA School of Arts showed the best 2016 creations during a week: the finest projects of a new generation of artists and designers. My master project ‘11.3 times cycled around the world’ was also selected for this exhibition.

For the first time, LUCA organised this Showcase extra muros and worked together with partners in the different cities where LUCA organises courses. The Showcase took place in the ´Beursschouwburg´ and CC ´De Markten´in Brussels from October 12 to 15, 2016.


spiegelzaal-lennert-deprettereSpiegelzaal, CC De Markten Brussels © Lennert Deprettere