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Are you looking for a creative designer? A new corporate identity? Stylish images for social media? Someone who visualizes your data in a creative way?

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Find out where Im at!

A creative start of the week in the historic city hall of Leuven

On Monday & Tuesday you can visit me at the STADHUIS in Leuven. On DAK, the cosiest co-working space in Leuven, I transform a pile of ideas into a logo, a cover, a piece of art.

A healthy end of the week at Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven 

From Wednesday till Friday youll find me at Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven, where Im designing folders and infographics for their annual report, where Im brainstorming about scientific models, where Im leading fotoshoots.

Data, art and trees in the weekends

Hidden between the woods, in an old monastery, lies the studio of Prosperos, an art-collective. During the weekends Im visualizing data from the city, since they show me a whole other face in the woods.