Ratatouille food photography


Disciplines art-direction – photography

Client Huis der GezinnenVlaams Instituut Gezond Leven




A lot of families aren’t living healthy. A number of kids have a raised risk on obesitas. This is why Huis der Gezinnen and their partners organized Ratatouille. It’s a training series for community workers, teachers and other interested people who are caring for food and education. The project gives fragile families the possibility to eat healthier.




From snacks to desserts. A tasty spread of beetroot, fresh guacamole, sweet potato-chips or a courgette-brownie. Ideal recipes to photograph attracting food! These pictures found their way into the Ratatouille scenario that was handed to staff members.


Beautiful future


Affordable, healthy recipes. Attracting foodstyling and colorful photography.