Seasonal vegetables cards


Disciplines conceptual design – research – branding – illustration – art-direction – copywriting – instagram stories

Client Rikolto


Story & design


Rikolto organized a serie of workshops about eating local and seasonal food. The first session of this workshops took place in Leuven. Citizens of Leuven, supermarket directors, a marketing specialist and a freelance caterer met each other in De Maekerij, to think about this topic. 


The main question of this evening was ‘how can we convince people to eat more seasonal vegetables?’ But let’s start from the beginning. How much locals knows the seasonal vegetables of April? That was my research experiment. I designed cards with drawings from vegetables. Some of this vegetables were from the season, others not. The citizens of Leuven could circle the correct vegetables and post their card on different locations in Leuven (Leuven Townhall, Stelplaats, Carrefour market Heverlee, Denon Leuven, Alma 1 and the school STROOM). So people had the chance to win the seasonal vegetables. Result? Only a few people knew the right answer.


“Fris en innovatief werk. We waren heel tevreden. Dankzij deze mooie kaartjes hebben veel mensen input gegeven. De samenwerking verliep vlot. Eline is makkelijk in communicatie en zeer stipt.”

– Liesbeth, Rikolto