CO2 emissions from transport

Opening conference Towards an EIT KIC in urban mobility © picture Jack Tillmanns

The European Commission asked me to design an installation for the conference ‘Opportunities for a knowledge and innovation community in urban mobility’. It was a conference about greener, cleaner and innovative transport in cities which took place on March 29, 2017 in Brussels.

The installation contains data of the CO2 emissions from transport in an average European city: it consists out of 200 laser-cutted CO2 blocks (one for each participant of the conference). I obtained this data from the European Commission: cars for example are responsible for 46 % of CO2 emissions in cities.



At the end of the conference each participant received a CO2 block enabling thoughts for solutions towards greener transport in cities. A statement about transport is engraved at the back of each block: there are 25 different different statements extracted from papers and research of the European Commission.


Participants conference © picture Jack Tillmanns

Interactive installation

Back of the installation