Symposium event branding


Disciplines branding – art-direction – photography

Client Vlaams Instituut Gezond Leven




Gezond Werken stimulates a healthy workspace and lifestyle. When employees feel healthy, they work more efficiënt and they’ll act more friendly with customers and colleges. But a healthy environment isn’t always so easy. How do we make sure working healthy becomes a priority? What is the role of an organization like Gezond Werken in this challenge?

On the symposium you’ll get in tough with new insights and inspiring examples. There is also the possibility to join various workshops.




I re-designed the ’S’of symposium. With different work-relation materials (screws, paperclips,…) and healthy snacks. Afterwards I made a picture and used the pictures as a recurring symbol for the event.

Everything was thoroughly designed, invites to name-badges. There were posters which informed the amount of steps from one hall to another. Movement, getting up once in a while from your chair, a tasty and healthy lunch a lot of interesting readings.


Beautiful future


Everyone healthy at work.